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Monitor and control your cash collection points

Cash Monitoring Center provides you with the tools and the visibility to monitor and control your network of cash collection points in real time.

Get a view of collection points status

See on the map all your collection points' network, with status indicators to identify potential problems.

Discover cash inventory levels

Quick view on the map with the inventory level of all collection points, and drill down tool to get exact monetary amount.

Focus on specific network entities

Isolate banks, or retail chains, or single retail outlets. Select geographical area to focus into.

Monitoring the Cash Network

The thematic map shows all the retail outlets with installed back–office cash handling machines. Each retail outlet is represented by a colored marker, reflecting its status. Both cash level and working status can be quickly identified by the color code. Refer below for an explanation of each icon used in the map.

Customize map view

You may reduce the clutter on the map, or isolate and emphasize on a particular category, then use the below selectors to customize the entity groups displayed on the map:


select all


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Machine Status

Cash inventory level:

low mid high

Machine working status:

working not working

Cash Network Entities

The cash network entities are depicted on the thematic map with markers:

Cash Monitoring Center
Retail w/normal cash
Retail w/low cash
Retail w/high cash
Cash m/c out of order

Browse through the cash network entities

The expandable table below contains all network entities, such as Banks, Retail Companies and Retail Outlets.
Click on any row to expand in a cascade manner…

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EID Network Entity Name & Address SmrtSafe Status Cash

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